Virginia Dachshunds

Puppy Contract

Breeder Guarantee

The Breeder warrants that the Dachshund is a healthy, purebred dachshund that is current on standard immunizations. The Dachshund has been evaluated by the Breeder with respect to other representatives of the breed at approximately the same age and has been determined to be structurally and temperamentally suited to be a companion, hunting, and/or obedience dog. The Dachshund has been micro-chipped and will be registered with the American Kennel Club at the time of purchase to the new owner.

The puppy is guaranteed to be healthy upon delivery to the buyer, and a full refund or replacement may be requested for the Dachshund (1) within 10 days of receipt due to any unhealthy condition, excluding worms/parasites, noted by the Buyer or by a professional veterinarian or (2) within 12 months in the case of a hereditary defect diagnosed by a professional veterinarian (including: hip dysplasia).

This guarantee is subject to the following requirements and limitations:

  • Infectious diseases whose symptoms appear after the first 72 hours (3 days) are not covered under this guarantee.
  • Within 10 days of receipt of the Dachshund, the Buyer shall have the Dachshund undergo a thorough exam by a professional veterinarian at the expense of the Buyer.
  • An immunization record must be kept for the Dachshund to receive compensation for any hereditary defect.
  • Any unhealthy condition which occurs after receipt of the Dachshund by the Buyer and is caused by an accident or negligence is not covered by this guarantee.
  • Worms/parasites are not covered under this guarantee, as they are a normal condition in young puppies.
  • The Breeder does not make any guarantee as to the Dachshund’s adult size, weight, hair, coat, skin conditions, temperament, or trainability.

The Breeder shall not provide a refund or replacement if the Dachshund is “put to sleep” due to a health condition without first notifying the Breeder of the condition and providing the Breeder an opportunity to rehome the Dachshund if the Breeder elects to do so.

If a replacement is requested instead of a refund, the Breeder will provide a similar puppy as soon as one is available. Although it is not necessary to return the Dachshund to the Breeder or have the Dachshund destroyed to collect, the Dachshund must be neutered or spayed with proof of the same provided to the Breeder in writing from your veterinarian before any compensation will be made. Breeder has the option to request Dachshund be taken to their veterinarian to validate the diagnosis. The confirmation vet bill will be at the Breeder’s expense if confirmed or at the Buyer’s expense if not confirmed.

Return Agreement

The Buyer agrees that if he/she is unable to keep this Dachshund, he/she will not sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of this Dachshund without first contacting the Breeder. Should the Buyer become unable to care for the Dachshund at any time, the Buyer can return the Dachshund to the Breeder for placement without compensation. Under no circumstances will the Dachshund be surrendered to a dog pound, rescue operation, or humane society. If the Dachshund is lawfully in the possession of any such facility, the Breeder has exclusive right to take possession of the Dachshund, and the Buyer agree to bear full responsibility for payment of any related fees.

Buyer Responsibilities

The Buyer agrees to keep this Dachshund current on their veterinarian-recommended immunizations, to provide food necessary for the wellbeing of the Puppy, to provide shelter from excessive heat or cold, to provide annual veterinary exams, and to provide any other veterinary care necessary for the health of the Dachshund.

The Dachshund has had routine deworming, but the Buyer will need to continue deworming the Dachshund every 4 weeks until the Dachshund is 4 months old.

The Buyer agrees not to breed the Dachshund unless the Dachshund (1) is at least 12 months old and (2) has received a recent clean bill of health with no known defects or issues.

Last updated January 1, 2021