Dis-Moi Pourquoi Pippa "Pippa"

Pippa is from Heather Ridge Kennels located just outside of Nashville, TN. She embodies the warm-hearted and friendly spirt of the south with her big personality and appreciation for good food.

DOB October 3, 2018
Birthplace Lyles, TN, USA
Size Miniature
Weight 12 lbs.
Coat Smooth
Color Chocolate & Tan
Pattern None
Carries Dilute, Piebald & Longhair
Pippa (shown at 18 months)

Tri-Mi Meredith at WTL MS "Mere-Mere"

Meredith, lovingly referred to as "Mere-Mere," was bred by Linda Shaddy of Tri-Mi Dachshunds. This sweetheart has champion Russian bloodlines and the poise and grace of "her majesty the Queen."

DOB December 17, 2018
Birthplace Grovespring, MO, USA
Size Miniature
Weight 8 lbs.
Coat Smooth
Color Red
Pattern None
Carries Pointed Pattern, Chocolate & Longhair
Mere-Mere (shown at 18 months)

Virginia's I Love You So Mochi MS "Mochi"

Mochi was bred by Virginia Dachshunds in collaboration with Bright Doxies. She has champion Russian bloodlines on both sides of her family.

DOB May 17, 2021
Birthplace Radford, VA, USA
Size Miniature
Weight 8 lbs.
Coat Smooth
Color Black & Tan
Pattern None
Carries Chocolate & Longhair
Mochi (shown at 4 months)