Virginia Dachshunds


We do not currently have any puppies available.

2021 Planned Breedings

The following are tenative dates based on our best estimates.

Pairing Heat Date of Birth Ready to Go Coat Color Pattern
Meredith x Loran 10-2021 12-2021 02-2022 Smooth Red, Black & Tan or Chocolate & Tan None
Mika x Pikachu 10-2021 12-2021 02-2022 Smooth or Longhaired Black & Tan or Chocolate & Tan Dapple or Piebald
Pippa x Looker 12-2021 02-2022 04-2022 Smooth or Longhaired Chocolate & Tan None

UPDATE: Meredith has been bred to Loran. If it takes, she will have puppies in mid-December!

Last updated October 2021