My Only Love Jasper "Jasper"

Jasper is from Heather Ridge Kennels located just outside of Nashville, TN. He loves to chase rabbits and deer across the countryside during the day and cuddle at night. Jasper is owned by family members who live locally.

DOB October 28, 2018
Birthplace Lyles, TN, USA
Size Miniature
Weight 8 lbs.
Coat Smooth
Color Black & Tan
Pattern Dapple
Carries Dilute & Longhair

Planned Litters:

There are no litters currently planned with Jasper in 2021. Jasper will be bred to Mika in June of 2022.

Jasper (shown at 18 months)

The Very Best Pikachu "Pikachu"

Pikachu was one of the first puppies born at Virginia Dachshunds. This Casanova will steal your heart with his big green eyes. Pikachu is owned by family and lives with his sire, Jasper.

DOB May 26, 2020
Birthplace Radford, VA, USA
Size Miniature
Weight 10 lbs.
Coat Smooth
Color Fawn (Isabella) & Tan
Pattern Dapple
Carries Piebald & Longhair

Planned Litters:

Pikachu will be bred to Mikasa when she goes into heat in November. The puppies from this litter will be either black & tan or chocolate & tan. They could be either smooth or longhaired. Dapples and piebalds are possible outcomes from this matchup.

Pikachu (shown at 12 months)